Tire News

The MICHELIN® X® MULTI™ D is a next-generation regional driving tire that delivers the advantages of excellent tire mileage and superior scrub resistance and high performance traction. This regional drive-position tire is designed for performance with shorter, urban hauls.     The tread of the MICHELIN® X® MULTI™ D is comprised of multiple specialized rubber compounds. The bottom layer… Read More

At the beginning of February, Michelin released ten new sizes of MICHELIN® Defender® T+H tires. Six additional sizes will be hitting the market this month, as well as another 16 options this summer. This new line of tires replaces the previous Michelin Defender line. Michelin Defender® T+H tires are designed to be the longest-lasting tires among leading competitive tires, providing miles of uncompromised… Read More

If you have ever been to Detroit, there’s a good chance you have seen the Giant Uniroyal Tire located on the I-94 corridor, near the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. For past 50 years, this iconic symbol has represented the heritage of Uniroyal as a tire industry leader for over a century. The Giant Uniroyal Tire was… Read More