Mower tires are available in many different styles and tread patterns. To be sure you select the right tire products for your mowing needs, it is important to consider how the tire will be used. Here are some common scenarios for a tire’s use and some of the best products that tackle each.

  • Is the mower used residentially or to mow a flat yard?
    • Carlisle Turfsaver is an economical turf tire that are common on many residential mowers. While these tires do an excellent job of preserving lawns, they offer low traction, and are constructed in 2-4ply.
  • Is the mower used commercially or on steep banks?
    • Kenda K500 Super Turfs, Carlisle Multi-Trac C/S, and Carlisle Turf Master are all common O.E. tires on commercial grade mowers such as Skag, Kubota, John Deere, and other zero turns. They are constructed in 4-8ply depending on the size of the tire. The heavier ply tires offer better stability while operating at lower psi. 24x12x12, 26x12x12, and 22x11x10 are the most common sizes currently. These tires are easy on turf while still offering better traction than a Turfsaver, or an entry level tire.
    • Carlisle Chevrons and Kenda Grasshoppers are often used O.E. on Grasshopper mowers. While they do offer better forward traction than most other mower tires, they can easily damage a lawn due to such a high tread void.
  • Are flat tires a common problem and options?
    • Having a flat tire is as frequent as any other application and of course, never seems to occur at a convenient time. Phantom tire liner is the quickest and most economical way to help prevent common mower flats. It is capable of sealing a cut up to an inch. Phantom is simply pumped into a tire through the valve stem. It makes for a simple and cost effective fix.
    • Carlisle offers the Reliance line of flat free tires. While this might be a great option for some mowers, the size selection is limited. These products are offered as an on-the-wheel assembly. Please reference Carlisle’s product guide to confirm bearing and wheel offset to confirm fitment.

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