One fact about the Retreading of Commercial Truck Tires that is almost impossible to dispute is that Retreading is Economically Friendly

We know that retread tires are environmentally friendly, safe, and reliable but retread tires have also proven to be very economically friendly. Saving natural resource expenses converts to savings at the fleet-level. These savings go hand in hand. Facts from the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) shed light on this very topic from the U.S. Economy standpoint. Retreading and repairing saves the U.S. economy over $500 million annually. Manufacturing a retread truck tire requires 7 gallons of oil, while a new truck tire requires 22 gallons of oil. With 14 million retreaded truck tires in the U.S. annually, this saves over 210 million gallons of oil.

These savings of resources equate to savings for the fleet. By having a well run retread program, you can extend the life of your existing tire casings by retreading. A fleet will see significant tire cost savings from the first retreads they purchase. A fleet has already purchased the casing asset on the initial new tire purchase, so once the retread cycle begins, the retread savings is realized immediately by the fleet. There are also maintenance benefits because the fleet will be able to better track the life of the tire such as what type of loads they’ve been used with and inflation conditions.

A tire casing doesn’t wear out like a tread does so with proper care you can expect to get multiple lives out of a quality casing. The key is using a quality casing and a proven retread process like Goodyear’s Unicircle and Precure methods. A typical retread lifecycle may be:

  1. New steer tire
  2. Tire tread wears
  3. Retread as a drive tire
  4. Tire tread wears
  5. Retread as a trailer tire

Bottomline is, by developing a sound retread program, it will be an incredible savings to your fleet for the long haul.   

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