The fall season brings us much cooler temperatures and wet unpredictable weather.  We know that means harsher winter weather lies ahead.  Fall and winter are rough on your vehicle.  You need your vehicle to always be dependable for your daily commutes, family shuttling and holiday excursions.

What do I absolutely need to check?  Wondering how to prepare your car?  The season’s weather is rough on everything for your vehicle, from its tires to its heating system.

Taking a proactive stance with seasonal vehicle maintenance is in your best interest for the longevity of your vehicle.  Make sure you are ready for the harsher conditions.  Some easy tasks to make sure key areas of your vehicle are “Fall and Winter Prepared” are:


Great traction is essential.  Have your tire tread depth checked and seriously plan to replace your tires if less than 2/32″ depth.  If the treadwear is uneven, have your alignment checked and performed if needed.  This will help your tires wear evenly.  Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s tires includes checking that your tires have the proper air pressure reading as suggested by the vehicle manufacturer.  This reading can be found on the driver’s door sticker.  Cold weather lowers tire pressure.


Having a functional heating and cooling system is very important for several reasons.  We love the heat, but it is about more than only comfort.  Be sure that your defroster works efficiently to keep your windshield clear in fall and winter weather.


Cold weather is extra rough on your vehicle’s battery.  Just as heat speeds up chemical reactions , cold temperatures slow them down.  That’s why your battery can become sluggish.  At colder temperatures, the battery’s ability to provide sufficient power to start and run a vehicle is diminished.  If the battery’s charge is weak, the odds increase that an issue may occur.


Navigating fall and winter wet weather requires excellent windshield wipers in good condition.  If your wipers are damaged, they’ll leave streaks on the windshield that could affect visibility.  Best practice is to change your wiper blades at least twice a year at the beginning of summer and winter.


Check all fluids regularly, and make sure all remain full.  Do not substitute your windshield wiper fluid with water.  This may work in the summer, but in cold temperatures it will freeze.


Your visibility is always challenged in the fall and winter months.  Clean and replace as needed – headlights, taillights, blinkers, parking lights, and emergency flashers.  Shorter days bring more hours of darkness.


Always be prepared if an emergency or breakdown does occur.  We all hope not but better to be safe.  Important items to have stored in your vehicle are gloves, boots, flashlight, water, snacks, and a blanket.

Raben Tire’s trained technicians perform multiple preventive maintenance services and vehicle maintenance checks.  Preventive maintenance keeps your vehicle ready for all the seasons.

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