Winter is not a fun time to be on the road. Because of the elements or drivers, navigating the roads can be trickier. Accidents are more common. On top of it all, the cold can cause damage and wear and tear to vehicles on its own, even for the safest drivers.

However, for many vehicle fleets, winter is not a time they can afford to take off. People continue to rely on their help and services. A little bit of snow and ice can’t keep vehicles off the streets.

Still, accidents and unexpected tire crisis are unavoidable. And, in the case of trucks, vans and other fleet vehicles the old saying “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” definitely applies.

That is why having a winter crisis plan is essential for any vehicle fleet.

What makes up a good crisis plan?

The foundation of a good crisis plan is knowing what to do when disaster strikes – simply, who the first call needs to be. Vehicle fleets that operate in the winter need to have a trusty side-kick, someone who can offer roadside assistance 24/7 and get you out of any jam you might run into.

A crisis plan isn’t just a winter time essential either. A good tire crisis plan can be implemented year-round.

In other words, a good tire crisis plan starts and stops with Raben Tire. With all major brands of tires for commercial truck, farm and off-the-road OTR, Raben Tire’s commercial service facilities are strategically located across the Mid-West and are equipped with premier service trucks and equipment for 24-hour on-site emergency service to get equipment back on the job.

Aside from having the peace of mind knowing vehicles are taken care of, having a winter crisis plan has a few other perks.

Decrease downtime

Having a trusty company like Raben at your side drastically reduces the amount of time vehicles spend incapacitated. As soon as a tire failure occurs, make a call to Raben and an emergency service vehicle will be on its way, day or night, rain or shine.

Without an established, go-to service company, the driver or someone back at the office will have to spend unnecessary time searching for help, others of which may not have 24/7 support. The longer it takes to find help, the more time the vehicle is spent immobilized and not out completing work or helping those in need.

Knowing ahead of time who to call is a real time saver.

Raben Tire is ready at a moment’s notice for 24/7 on-site service to help get your vehicles out of a jam and back on the road. Call or visit one of our locations today.