Raben Tire is proud to offer a great selection of Goodyear® Fuel Max Tires. Known as a leader in tire design innovations, Goodyear has developed this tire line to provide fleet managers with a total solution for reducing fuel costs. Fuel Max tires are available in steer, drive, and trail positions.

Fuel Max tires are engineered with cool-running, fuel-efficient rubber compounds, tire constructions and tread designs to help lower rolling resistance and enhance fuel economy. The multi-layered tread designs promote even wear and optimize miles to removal for tough long haul and regional applications.

The Fuel Max line includes a wide range of options for a variety of industries and commercial tire needs:

  • Goodyear Fuel Max LHS – the most fuel-efficient long haul steer tire
  • Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D – maximize miles per gallon
  • Goodyear G572 1AD Fuel Max – for high-torque, single axle drive and 6 x 2 applications
  • Goodyear Fuel Max LHT – trailer tire for fuel savings
  • Goodyear Fuel Max RSA – best all-around tire for regional applications
  • Goodyear G399A LHS Fuel Max– fuel efficiency combined with long mileage
  • Goodyear G572A LHD Fuel Max – fuel efficiency in a long haul drive tire with long mileage
  • Goodyear G392A SSD DuraSeal + Fuel Max – a wide base drive tire with enhanced puncture resistance
  • Goodyear G316 LHT Fuel Max – reduce rolling resistance to enhance fuel economy
  • Goodyear G316 LHT DuraSeal + Fuel Max – Puncture-Sealing® tire that helps save fuel
  • Goodyear G394 SST DuraSeal + Fuel Max – Puncture-Sealing® technology and fuel efficiency in a wide base trailer tire
  • Goodyear Marathon LHS – Smart-Way® verified long mileage steer tire
  • Goodyear Marathon LHD – Smart-Way® verified long mileage drive tire
  • Goodyear Marathon LHT – Smart-Way® verified long mileage trailer tire

How much could you save your fleet with Goodyear Fuel Max Tires? Check out Goodyear’s fuel cost savings calculator. When you are ready to start saving with Fuel Max Tires, contact the commercial tire experts at Raben Tire.