Goodyear Retread Fuel EfficiencyRaben Tire is proud to offer a great selection of Goodyear® commercial tires including UniCircle® retread tires. These retread tires feature a seamless design that adheres closely to the tire casing for enhanced uniformity, casing endurance, and strength.

Tire retreading offers a great way for fleet managers to lower costs while promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability. Retreaded tires are cost efficient because they extend the useable life of the portion of the tire that is most costly to produce – the tire body or casing. The tread, which represents only a percentage of the new tire cost, is the only part that is recreated. Modern steel radial commercial truck tires are engineered to provide multiple tread lives over the life of the casing. New tread is applied using heat and pressure.

Goodyear’s innovative UniCircle is a patented retread design that features a continuous ring, seamless construction precisely matching the shape of the casing. Goodyear UniCircle treads are automatically positioned on casings using laser-guided technology and precision-stitched. Since no cutting or splicing is involved, the retreaded tire is uniform and balanced, which helps to extend casing life and tire mileage.

UniCircle retreads offer excellent traction and longevity, on par with new tires, but for less money. These tires offer lasting toughness from their unique construction with even tread wear and low rolling resistance due to consistent retread characteristics and dimensions. They are a great choice for a variety of trucks that travel across challenging terrain. Overall, UniCirle retreads promote performance that is both superb and cost-effective.

To learn more about how Goodyear UniCircle retreads can benefit your fleet, contact the Raben Tire team today.