Particularly in today’s economy, fleet managers must find ways to save money if they are going to remain profitable and successful. Optimizing fuel economy and extending tire life through proper fleet tire maintenance goes a long way toward expanding fleet budgets. While managing tire maintenance for an entire fleet can seem like an impossible challenge, TPMS technology offers commercial truck fleet managers and drivers a much easier option.

The TPMS – tire pressure monitoring system – is cutting edge technology that provides a way to collect real time tire data on every vehicle in a commercial fleet. The TPMS tracks tire inflation, mileage, and fuel economy, as well as information on assets. An array of active RF components are available to allow fleet managers to instantly monitor commercial trucks and take action to decrease overall operating costs.

Here are seven fleet management advantages gained with commercial fleet TPMS:

  1. Operators are aware of precisely which tires need air.
  2. Managers can track individual mileage and vehicle location for the entire fleet.
  3. Tires can be checked from anywhere on the road.
  4. The system is able to track and measure improvements for future evaluation.
  5. The system allows for more effective and proactive maintenance to extend tire life.
  6. Ways to improve fleet fuel efficiency are easily identified.
  7. Continual monitoring catches problems earlier for reduced long-term maintenance expense.
  8. Properly maintained tires substantially increase on-the-road safety.

Raben Tire offers industry leading TPMS technology for commercial fleet management. The systems are easy to install and operators will receive immediate feedback on tire pressure with high-visibility LED low pressure indicators. This means 18 wheel tire checks can be done in minutes and conveniently located fill ports mean replenishing air pressure is also quick and simple.

TPMS technology from Raben Tire saves time, money and improves safety. Contact the Raben Commercial Tire team to learn more.