fleet calculators

Raben Tire is excited to introduce their new commercial fleet tools for rabentire.com – three new fleet tire calculators built with their customer’s needs in mind. These tools assist customers with everyday calculations that help them better make the right fleet tire decisions and cost analysis for their fleet.

The first calculator is for mileage projections. With just a few pieces of information the Raben Mileage Projection Calculator will average the mileages and tread depths of up to 16 tires to provide a projected runout mileage to measure performance.

The second calculator is for product comparisons. This tool calculates equalized cost per mile versus two products. Enter any three fields and the calculator will solve for the fourth. If it’s known how the current product performs and what its cost is, the Raben Product Comparisons Calculator forecasts the mileage needed to have to get a competitive product at the price being quoted.

The third calculator developed is the Raben Total Cost Projections or “Consumption” Calculator. This tool allows the comparison of two different products side by side and projects costs in either a 1, 3, 5, or 7-year outlook. Mileages or mileage projections are needed, as well as actual or estimated tire costs. Using the fleets annual mileage per vehicle and expected new equipment purchases, it can calculate the savings a proposed solution will generate. It can select any or all wheel positions to compare.

These calculators enable the decision-maker to better manage and make long-term decisions that will ultimately save the fleet tire and service costs. Tire and maintenance costs are one of the top expenses in trucking behind fuel and wages, but a well-monitored tire management program can dramatically control expenses. Raben is confident these calculators will help these decisions.


Find the calculators at www.rabentire.com/commercial/calculators/. For information on a Raben Retreading Program, fleet inspections and information on our commercial tire and mechanical services, visit www.rabentire.com/commercial/fleet/.