A truck wheel refinishing program is an important part of many fleet’s regular maintenance.  There are many reasons to have a program.  We partner on wheel refinishing programs with some of the largest, most successful fleets in the country.  These fleets experience the value.

Just like how an organized and successful retread tire program, the same is done for a customer’s truck steel wheels.  Our commercial experts work with your fleet to coordinate the flow of your old, worn wheels into our refinishing center.  Then as soon as refinished, these wheels are returned to be used by your fleet.

What are the benefits?

Wheels became a bigger issue in the trucking industry in 1984.  OSHA issued mandatory regulations requiring the removal of rust, dirt and debris from wheels. The trucking industry then needed a wheel refinishing solution.

SAFETY.  The wheel refinishing process begins with a thorough inspection.  This process detects structural damages such as cracks, worn bolt holes and other issues.  If deemed the wheel is in an out-of-service condition, the wheel is removed from the wheel finishing process.  Removal of out-of-service wheels increases safety and unnecessary production costs.

APPEARANCE.  Refinished wheels introduced back into your fleet bring a polished and professional image to the road.  This also promotes driver pride.  Wheels at our refinishing centers are powder coated to give an attractive gloss finish available in white, black or gray.  Powder coating also acts as a protective cover against quicker corrosion.

COST.  A safe, maintained fleet decreases downtime which is extremely costly.  Refinished wheels can stay in service for a long period of time which decreases the need for new wheel purchases.  Some fleet managers report reduced consumption of new wheels by up to 70%.

Bottom-line is … Developing a wheel refinishing program will be an incredible addition to your ongoing fleet maintenance.   

For information on Raben Tire truck tire retreading and wheel refinishing programs, fleet inspections and more information on all our commercial tire and mechanical services, visit  https://www.rabentire.com/commercial/fleet/. Raben’s commercial division is staffed with experienced, dedicated professionals with over 500 years of combined industry knowledge and service. Raben also utilizes tools to deliver powerful solutions to optimize your fleet through digital and automated inspections, customized reporting, and industry leading 24 hour roadside assistance.