Today’s fleet manager must face serious challenges when it comes to reducing costs. Goodyear® Fuel Max™ tires provide a great way for you to save money on your fleet costs. SmartWay®-verified Goodyear Fuel Max tires can help you improve fleet fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.

Raben Tire is dedicated to providing solutions for fleet managers, and is proud to carry the Goodyear Fuel Max™ line of tires. Fuel Max tires are available in steer, drive, and trail positions.

Fuel Max tires are engineered with cool-running, fuel-efficient rubber compounds, tire constructions and tread designs to help lower rolling resistance and enhance fuel economy. The multi-layered tread designs promote even wear and optimize miles to removal for tough long haul and regional applications.

To discover how much could you save your fleet with Goodyear Fuel Max Tires, see Goodyear’s fuel cost savings calculator. This easy to use online tool will walk you through the steps to revealing your savings. To learn more about Fuel Max Tires and how they can meet your fleet needs contact our commercial tire experts or visit our commercial tire site.