Technological advances have made retread tires a safe, quality tire option that assures long-lasting, dependable performance for commercial trucks. Tire retreading involves applying new tread to worn tires, which are referred to as casings. Tires casings used for retreading are carefully examined and must meet required inspection standards.

Retreaded tires are reported to be equally safe as new tires. According to the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau, “Statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation show that nearly all tires involved in any tire related accidents are underinflated or bald. Properly maintained tires, whether new or retreaded, do not cause accidents. Retreaded tires are used safely everyday by ambulances, fire engines, school buses, and aircraft.”

Saving Money with Retread Tires

Since the majority of the manufacturing cost of a new tire is in the tire body or casing, retread tires offer a great value by preserving the most expensive part of the tire. Steel radial commercial truck tires developed today are engineered to deliver multiple tread lives over the life of the casing. With tires being the primary maintenance cost of operating a commercial fleet, casing life is closely tracked by the fleet managers. When tires are worn out and no longer fit for the road, the useful life of the casings can be extended, thereby extending the value of the tire investment with a nominal retread expense.

Saving the Environment with Retread Tires

Retread tires can eliminate millions of scrap tires being sent to landfills each year. Retreading a truck tire consumes significantly less oil to produce than a new tire – retreading requires about 15 fewer gallons of oil to produce per tire. In addition to the raw materials savings, energy consumed in the manufacturing process helps to significantly reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gas from the environment.

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