Spring into Vehicle Service Maintenance

Spring is in full swing!  It’s time to jump back into your vehicle’s maintenance.

Following a dedicated vehicle maintenance schedule – routine services along with inspections – offers you a host of advantages:

  • Longer service life for your vehicle and tires
  • Better gas mileage
  • Greater safety on the road

With the weather steadily warming up , this time is ideal for getting your vehicle ready for road trips, more frequent driving or even the epic summer vacation.


  • Some inspection items are easier to check than others and can be done regularly at home like tread depth, tire wear, lighting and wiper blades.
  • Other inspection items need a service professional to check like brakes, belts/hoses, shocks/struts, filters and examine for fluid leaks.
  • Rest assured when you visit your local Raben Tire store —- a complimentary vehicle inspection including these items and more, along with a tire rotation, are performed with every Raben Oil Change Package!

Be prepared for the hot weather ahead with an A/C check-up.  You want to already be sure your air-conditioning is operating efficiently before the summer begins to sizzle!

Learn more about routine maintenance and inspections here!  https://www.rabentire.com/auto/