As an OTR (Off-The-Road) tire expert, you constantly work to help some of the hardest working, toughest industries on the planet succeed with their tire solutions.  Our Raben Tire experts spend considerable energy performing tire surveys, analyzing the data, and recommending the right products for your application.

Underground Mines, Steel Mills, Smelters, Waste & Scrap Yards, Construction, Quarries and Material Handling Operations all have unique environments their heavy equipment’s work is performed in, so the right tire solution is not universal to all.  It takes the know-how from your Raben OTR and Industrial expert to guide you with the right products.

Our Raben Tire experts also have access to the industries finest assortment of products to build your solution.  We have a vast selection of the top performing brands in new tires, and we also offer OTR retreading.  Retreading is often a cost-saving and dependable option.  Other products to use include Solid, Pneumatic, Polyurethane-Fill Tires, Rubber Tracks, Wheels, and Trojan Soft Core.  The Trojan Soft Core product delivers proven results in its applications, and it is often the best choice.  Check out these benefits: 

  • Soft Core eliminates costly flat tire downtime for best productivity.
  • Soft Core provides your lowest cost per hour compared to pneumatic, polyurethane filled and solid tires.
  • Soft Core is 100% reusable for lowest cost per hour.
  • Soft Core increases load capacity up to 50% and increases tire hours.
  • Trojan Soft Core eliminates air = no explosive force. Trojan Soft Core is safe to handle and best for the environment.

What is Trojan Soft Core:

  • Pre-manufactured cellular rubber layers are inserted into a tire. The Trojan Air-Cells flex with a tires load to absorb shock, providing an air-like ride for machinery and operator.
  • Trojan Tire Inc. is the manufacturer of patented Soft Core – Trojan Air-Cell® Rubber Tire Fill Technology.

Raben Tire Is The Exclusive Distributor In Raben’s Service Areas.

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