Your business depends on the mobility of your fleet, and your fleet depends on good, quality tires. You rely on the condition of your tires for your business operations, but more importantly the lives of your drivers depend on their safe performance. If you need another reason to make the care of your fleets’ tires a priority, consider the investment you have made in your commercial tires. With all that is riding on them, doesn’t it just make sense to do all you can to extend your commercial tire life?

Here are three essential tips for extending commercial tire life:

1.Keep your commercial fleet tires properly inflated.
Thanks to new innovations in automotive technology, like tire pressure monitoring systems, keeping your commercial fleet tire pressure levels where they are supposed to be is much easier. Understanding what the proper inflation levels are for your vehicles and tires is essential. It is important to refer to manufacturer specification for the minimum inflation pressures, as the numbers may vary. Inflating the tires to the maximum load they will carry is often what is advised. Some manufacturers may depart from this recommendation as they believe it may compromise tread life. In any case, the safest best is usually to follow the recommendation of the engineering team that developed your tires.

2.Reduce mechanical threats to commercial tires.
As with any vehicle, a wide range of mechanical issues can put tires and tread life at risk. The threat is especially costly and dangerous on a large commercial truck. Poor alignment, loose wheel bearings, and worn out shock absorbers are all mechanical aliments that can spell doom for tire tread. Keeping up with fleet maintenance will go a long way toward extending the tread and service life of your commercial tires.

3.Retread your commercial tires.
Did you know that most of the manufacturing cost of a new tire is in the tire body or casing? That’s why retreading your commercial truck tires offers a great value. By preserving the most expensive part of the tire, fleet managers can save significantly on tire expense. Steel radial commercial truck tires are specifically engineered to deliver multiple tread lives over the life of the casing. Tires that are worn out and no longer fit for the road can have their useful life extended by restoring the tread on the casing.

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