Tire maintenance and fuel efficiency are important issues for truck fleets. In order to remain profitable, it is essential for fleet managers to find ways to maximize fuel economy and extend tire life. Tire pressure has a significant impact on all aspects of fleet efficiency. Improper tire inflation in commercial truck tires may be a larger problem than fleet managers and operators may realize. Industry research indicates that:

  • 56% of tires are 5 psi off target pressure
  • 22% of dual sets are mismatched 5 psi or more
  • 22% of vehicles have one tire under-inflated by 20 psi or more
  • 41% of fleets surveyed report tire problems picking up spotted trailers

The BAT RF tire pressure monitoring system offers a way to solve improper inflation related issues. BAT RF provides real-time information on every vehicle in a fleet. The system tracks tire inflation, mileage, and fuel economy, in addition to tracking assets. A wide range of active RF components allows fleet managers to instantly monitor commercial trucks and take action to reduce overall operating costs.

BAT RF allows operators to:

  • Know exactly which tire needs air
  • Track mileage and vehicle location
  • Check tires on the road from anywhere
  • Track and measure improvements
  • Extend tire life
  • Improve your fuel efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance expenses
  • Increase on-the-road safety

BAT RF tire pressure sensors are easy to install and provide immediate feedback on tire pressure with highly visible LED low pressure indicators. Checking 18 tires can now be done in minutes, and conveniently located fill ports mean no more fishing in the dark for inner dual valve stems.

BAT RF tire pressure monitoring saves time, money and improves safety. Raben Tire is your source for commercial tire needs. Contact us to learn more.