Tractor Tire Checklist

Your work has already begun for planting season.  Make sure you do these simple maintenance checks on your tires to ensure ready to handle the hard work ahead.  It is important to check all your tires as you prepare your equipment.  This tractor tire checklist helps you locate any potential problems before they result in downtime in the field.

CHECK THE TIRE PRESSURE.  Use a high-quality digital gauge to adjust inflation to the correct tire pressure.  Use load and inflation tables from the tire manufacturer.  If the tire is over-inflated, you will lose traction in the field.  If the tire is under-inflated, you may cause damage to the tire.

EXAMINE THE TIRE SIDEWALLS.  Make sure there are no major cuts or exposed cords.  If see any severe damage, that’s a good sign you probably should replace the tire.

ASSESS THE TREAD.  Examine the tread for stubble damage and cuts, and make sure the tread depth is at least over 20%.  If damage is there or tread depth has diminished, it is time to replace the tires.

CHECK THE VALVE STEMS.  Make sure the valve stems are tight.  Often the nut or valve core is loose and that will cause the tire to leak.

TIGHTEN NUTS, BOLTS AND WHEEL WEIGHTS.  Make sure all the bolts are torqued correctly, and check that the wheel weights are on properly.

If you notice damage to your farm tires, don’t wait to replace them.  Call Raben Tire for 24-hour service and tire replacement.