Wheel alignment and tire balancing are two distinct services, which are each essential for maximizing the performance and service life of your tires.

Alignment service can be referred to as tire alignment or front end alignment. This service involves adjusting the wheel position angle to match the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. Wheel alignment service includes inspection of tread wear for signs of poor alignment, as well as inspection of the three components impacting wheel alignment – the toe, camber, and caster.

Experts usually recommend having alignment checked every 10,000 miles. You should have wheel alignment done as soon as possible if you notice the vehicle pulling to one side, steering problems, or irregular tread wear. Wheel alignment is also recommended after an accident or collision.

Tire balancing service restores the proper balance that your tires lose as the miles add up on your vehicle. Improper tire balance leads to uneven tread wear and poor vehicle performance. Signs of that tires are out of balance may include excessive vibration or shaking in the floorboards or steering wheel. The vibration or shake usually starts at around 50 mph and becomes more intense as your speed increases. A cupped wear pattern on treads can also be an indication of improper tire balance.

Tire balancing is often performed along with tire rotation, which is usually every 5-6,000 miles or 6 months. As with wheel alignment, tire balancing maybe be needed sooner if there has been a collision or if the vehicle is showing signs of imbalance, such as irregular tread wear or excessive vibration.

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